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The Yamaha MG20XU mixer is arguably one of the best mixing consoles on sale today. If you’re tired of wimpy mixers, look no further. The Yamaha MG20 is a 20-input, 6-bus mixer that offers unmatched features and sound transparency. This mixer produces articulate mixes because of many reasons among them being its high-quality op-amps. The Yamaha MG20 has crystal clear D-PRE preamps capable of capturing every tone that hits your microphones with the most natural sounding highs and bass.

The mixer has countless notable features such as; switchable phantom power, one-knob compressors, a pad switch, equalizer, plenty of I/O as well as LED metering. The Yamaha MG20XU mixing desk is also capable of handling a variety of applications. If you are looking for a clean multipurpose professional sound mixing console, look no further. It makes for a great mixer for small and medium size churches. I currently use this model of Yamaha mixer in my own church and it has proven to be excellent.

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Brief background of this soundboard

The exceptionality of the Yamaha MG20XU can be traced back to its manufacturer. For more than 100 years, Yamaha has been known for superior innovation and craftsmanship. The Yamaha brand boasts some of the best unrivaled musical instruments and equipment in the world. The brand has set the standard for professional audio instruments/equipment and continues to do so. #ad

The Yamaha MG20XU is the third incarnation. The MG series of mixers is a symbol of Yamaha’s design excellence. The MG20XU incorporates technologies that have been refined for years and used in the best professional mixing consoles. Some of these technologies include; powerful digital processing, studio-quality preamps, and strong, reliable construction. The MG20XU is the best of the MG series mixers. With its user-friendly interface, the mixer can be used by anyone from sound professionals to typical enthusiasts.

The mixer also has a wide range of channels ideal for a wide range of users and multipurpose applications. The mixer has live music, recording and installed music settings. You can make music with confidence continually without compromising quality/performance. The Yamaha MG20XU mixer is clearly in a class of its own. Let’s dive deeper into the mixer’s specifications before discussing the main pros and cons expressed in reviews online.

Main specs

• Preamps: D-PRE preamps (with inverted Darlington circuit)
• Chassis: Metal with an internal universal power supply and XLR balanced outputs.
• Compressors: One-knob
• Channels: 20 channel mixer console: Max. 16MIC, 20 line inputs (12-mono, 4-stereo), 4 group buses, 1 Stereo bus/4 AUX.
• High-grade effects: SPX (with 24 programs)
• Audio functions: 24 bit/ 192kHz 2-in/2-out, USB
• Connectivity: Works perfectly with an iPad via the iPad camera connection kit.
• Digital audio workstation software: Cubase AI DAW (Downloadable version)
• Switch features: PAD switch (on mono inputs)
• Power: +48V phantom power
• Mounting features: Comes with a rack mount kit
• Weight: 15.7 pounds or 7.1 kg
• Dimensions: Measures 17.5 by 5.1 by 19.7 inches (W x H x D)

Features and Effects

There are several features that make a mixing console stand out. Here’s an in-depth discussion of the main Yamaha MG20XU console features.

1. Preamps

The Yamaha MG20XU mixer has discrete class-A MIC preamps, the best preamps in mixer consoles today. #ad The quality of preamps in a mixer has a significant impact on the quality of sound produced. Sound engineers are heavily dependent on preamps for quality mixes. The Yamaha MG20XU has studio-grade preamps that use an inverted Darlington circuit with two cascading transistors configured to maximize power and minimize impedance. The MG20XU’s preamps allow the delivery of rich natural sounding bass as well as smooth soaring highs with little to no distortion. D-PRE preamps have an impressive frequency range which allows the mixer to receive signals from varying audio sources without amplifying certain elements. The MG20XU is a true testament of Yamaha’s strive for excellence. The mixer offers unmatched sonic purity that is in a class of its own thanks to its preamps.

2. Equalizer and filters

Preamps aside, a good mixing console needs a good equalizer and filters. A good equalizer manages nuances in tones. Yamaha has unmatched experience in equalizer design. The brand is synonymous with pro audio gear. The Yamaha MG20XU sound board has a 3-band equalizer on every mono channel giving you precise and unmatched control over sound. The MG20XU also has high pass filters which eliminate unwanted low-frequency noises to provide smoother and cleaner mixes. This is what the HPF button is for.

3. Compressors

Mixing consoles need compressors to alter the dynamics of audio signals when you need; tighter snares, punchier bass lines, livelier guitars or cleaner vocal sounds. Like equalizing and filtering, compression is a crucial part of any sound reinforcement or recording environment. However, you need countless hours of experience to master compressor complexities. The MG20XU makes compression extremely easy with its 1-knob compressors. Music compression has never been easier even for the most complex compression units.

4. Digital effects features

Effects are crucial in music for adding professionalism and polish. The MG20XU has built-in SPX digital multi-effects processor ideal for musical/non-musical applications. The effects are comprehensive enough for enhancing mixes with unmatched depth and vibrancy in a wide range of applications from speaking engagements to live performances. #ad

5. Head Amp

The head amp is another crucial determinant of overall sound quality. The Yamaha MG20XU mixer has op-amp integrated circuits, some of the most crucial parts of a head amp circuit. The mixer features new high-quality custom MG01 op-amps developed in close cooperation with the mixer’s semiconductor manufacturer. The MG series of mixing consoles stands out for focusing on sound quality first.

6. Chassis

The durability of a mixing console is highly dependent on the chassis. Luckily, the MG20XU and all other Yamaha MG series mixers are made of rugged, powder-coated and impact resistant metal chassis. Despite being highly durable, Yamaha hasn’t compromised on design. The metal chassis has a sleek design made with aesthetics and functionality in mind. The chassis has been made for optimal cooling. The power supply is separated from the circuitry to offer optimal cooling, reduce noise as well as increase the durability of components.

7. Audio interface

For a mixing console to be considered usable, it needs to have features allowing flexible digital connectivity. The Yamaha MG20XU mixer does just that with its USB Audio interface. All MG XU models have a USB audio interface that allows fast and easy high-resolution playback. You just need to connect to your PC, iPhone or iPad via the Yamaha MG20XU USB interface. The mixers USB protocol utilizes asynchronous data transfer which offers the best quality playback and recording. Check out my post on the Focusrite audio interface.

8. Digital audio workstation software

A mixer can’t be declared great if it isn’t supported by good audio workstation software that allows powerful and flexible audio/music production. The MG20XU uses one of the latest comprehensive DAW suites today. Cubase continues to lead the way in music production. The MG20XU has the same technology that has made Cubase a world acclaimed audio software.

Again, I can personally vouch for the Yamaha MG20XU and highly recommend it to anyone.

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The best way of determining whether a mixer is worth your money and time is to check reviews. What are people who have bought the Yamaha MG20XU saying?


1. Exceptional quality:

Many people who have bought the Yamaha MG20XU agree that the mixing console offers exceptional quality in every aspect including; sound quality rivaled by very few mixing consoles on sale today. The MG20XU has been praised consistently in reviews for providing unmatched sonic purity levels. Many Yamaha MG20XU mixer owners love the fact that the console is made by Yamaha, a company with a century of experience in superior sound equipment innovation and craftsmanship.

2. Highly durable:

People also love the fact that the MG20XU has been built to last a lifetime. The metal chassis is capable of withstanding both indoor and outdoor applications for decades. The MG20XU has been designed with a variety of environmental hazards and conditions in mind. For instance, the mixer can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to +40 degrees Celsius. The MG20XU is truly impact-resistant and rugged according to many. The mixer can handle road travel and exposure to the harshest environments because of its practical features which offer unmatched flexibility and peak performance for decades.

Many MG20XU owners love the fact that the mixer is designed for optimal cooling. The knob placement (above the chassis surface) also comes highly recommended because it reduces knob-to-chassis pressure and impact. The MG20XU has also been designed with power fluctuations in mind. Power inconsistencies don’t affect this mixer. In a nutshell, Yamaha designed this console after assessing all durability concerns unique to mixing consoles.

3. Highly versatile:

Many Yamaha MG20XU mixer reviews also praise the console’s inputs and connectors. The mixer has a variety of input/output connectors allowing a variety of specific applications ranging from monitoring to mastering. There is no limit to the connections you can make with devices, instruments or equipment.

There’s also no limit to what you can do with this mixer from recording songs to band rehearsals, live gigs or even providing sound effects/background music for entertainment events. The mixer is great for both home and professional applications.

4. Very user-friendly:

Many reviews also attest to the console’s user-friendliness. The Yamaha MG20XU takes advantage of the latest digital audio/music technology to make it extremely easy to plug in the mixer and play/record and then listen to what you have created. Anyone can use this mixer. You don’t have to be a highly trained sound engineer to record songs, offer background audio or band sound support using the Yamaha MG20XU mixer. Many people are able to use the MG20XU after a few minutes of scanning the user manual. #ad

5. Sizeable:

The Yamaha MG20 20-input, 6-bus mixer has also been praised for being lightweight and portable. According to many, the size (17.5 by 5.1 by 19.7) and weight (15.7 pounds or 7.1 kg) is perfect for a variety of applications on-the-go. The mixer can be carried with ease to events and placed anywhere.

6. Aesthetically appealing:

The MG20XU is not only functional but attractive according to many reviews. Many owners love the design which features a friendly interface and color-coded dials. The mixer looks as good as it works.

7. Great warranty:

It’s also notable that the Yamaha MG20XU can be repaired for free at the nearest Yamaha dealer. In the unlikely event that your mixer’s hardware malfunctions, you can get free maintenance/repair at your nearest Yamaha dealer or service station as long as the mixer is still under warranty. Since Yamaha is a well-recognized brand globally, many people love the fact that they can access repair or maintenance services easily.


Although the Yamaha MG20XU has overwhelmingly positive reviews online, there are a few cons. Not everyone loves everything about the mixer. For instance, there are a few users who find the mixer a bit complicated to use. A few people also find the MG20XU a bit pricey.

Like any other mixing console, you need to read the user manual to understand how to use the mixer. There is no one who has been on record facing user problems after reading the user manual conclusively. In fact, many have been able to use the mixer after scanning the manual for five minutes. On the pricing, most people agree that the Yamaha MG20XU offers value for money when you consider the technology, design, and features of the console in relation to competing consoles in the market today. Very few mixing consoles have been made by a reputable manufacturer like Yamaha with over a century of experience.

I personally think it is a terrific mixer and have found it easy to use and the other guys on our tech team like it too.

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In a nutshell, the Yamaha MG20XU mixer comes highly recommended to anyone who is interested in a mixing console that looks great and works great. The MG20XU will also work for someone looking for high-tech features and sturdiness. Anyone willing to spend a little bit more to get a mixing console that will last a lifetime will love the MG20XU There are obviously cheaper consoles on sale today; however, they can’t match the Yamaha MG20XU mixer on features, durability, design, and versatility.

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