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  • Behringer X32 effects list

    Behringer X32 effects list

    Digital mixers from Behringer’s family X32 and X Air are equipped with more than 60 high quality effects which can be assigned to any channel. Reverbs Hall Reverb reproduces the sound like it was recorded in medium to large size hall. Ambiance Reverb aims to form the illusion of a room’s acoustic ambiance. They are…

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  • How to use fx and aux send and return on a mixer

    How to use fx and aux send and return on a mixer

    I am aware that some of you may have never used aux send or aux return on a mixer. Don’t be discouraged, many musicians who use the mixer almost daily, don’t know exactly what auxiliary send and return are for. In this article I will explain the difference between them and and how to take…

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  • How to Make Guitars Sound Bigger in a Mix (Studio and Live)

    How to Make Guitars Sound Bigger in a Mix (Studio and Live)

    When it comes to mixing music, whether in a studio or live setting, achieving a big and impactful guitar sound is crucial. Guitars play a significant role in adding energy and drive to a performance, but they can sometimes get lost in the mix. In this article, we will explore effective techniques to make guitars…

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