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In-ear monitor buds

7 Best Wireless In Ear Monitor Systems For Every Budget

Many churches today are using personal monitors for their worship musicians and in this article, I take look at some really good iems available, from the cheapest and most affordable, to more high end units. Unlike the traditional stage speakers, iems come with a pair of earbuds used to muffle out any noises or sounds…

Blue Yeti VS Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Mics Review

Since USB microphones have been introduced, they have made a real revolution among podcasters, gamers, and home music recording studio enthusiasts – and between the Blue Yeti vs AudioTechnica AT2020, you have a choice of two very good mics. What should you know about USB microphones and why they differ from the regular mics!? Read…

Zoom H2n menu button

Zoom H2n Handy Recorder Review – Features and Audio Samples

The Zoom H2n Portable Recorder is what I use most of the time for recording sermons, recording music and doing podcasts. I am also a musician and use it for recording practise sessions. One of the big benefits for me in using a portable digital recorder like this one is that because I do sound…

Shure SM7b vs Rode NT1-a

Shure SM7B vs Rode NT1 Review

For most people, the microphones from our smartphones and laptops are more than enough for basic podcasting or vocal recording, but there are many reasons why you should invest in something a bit better and more professional. In any case, it’s better to buy a one quality mic right away than dozens of average ones….

shure sm 57

Shure SM57 vs Sennheiser e609 Microphones Comparison

Yes, these two microphones, although at first glance do not look the same at all, really have a lot of similarities. Both are dynamic mics and for that reason won’t require phantom power. They are both very popular for live work and in studios, have the same frequency range, and they are at the same…

midas m32 vs behringer x32

Midas M32 vs Behringer X32 Digital Consoles

Digital mixers are a must-have for the sound engineers of the twenty-first century. New digital consoles are introduced into the live audio market every year. Midas and Behringer are two of the industry’s most recognisable brands. They’ve been in the mixing console business for a long time and producing some of the best value for money…

Focusrite Solo USB

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 vs Presonus Audiobox vs Behringer UM2

Whether you are a sound technician or a musician, a quality audio interface will always be a priority. A top-notch audio interface can make a huge difference to recordings, whether of live music, speech, podcasting or a church service. These interfaces take the raw audio from a microphone, instrument or sound mixer and output to…

Yamaha MG20XU

Yamaha MG20XU 20 Channel USB Mixer + Effects – Review by Real User

The Yamaha MG20XU mixer is arguably one of the best mixing consoles on sale today. If you’re tired of wimpy mixers, look no further. The Yamaha MG20 is a 20-input, 6-bus mixer that offers unmatched features and sound transparency. This mixer produces articulate mixes because of many reasons among them being its high-quality op-amps. The…