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Frank Edwards has been working is church audio for over 10 years and has a background in electronic engineering and worked in the past for the UK MOD. He is the founder of ChurchSoundTips.com which was started in 2018 and also has it’s own Youtube channel.

After doing audio at my local church for over 10 years and installing a couple of sound systems, I had the idea of starting this blog to help other small to medium size churches who want to do their own sound. Upgrading or installing sound gear is an expensive business and any advice you can get to save money and time can only be a good thing. Also I enjoy helping others and their ministry in their local church. ChurchSoundTips has grown over the past couple of years and has surpassed all expectations. I continue to add new content, post new videos to my Youtube channel and keep in touch with my mailing list subscribers. In this area of ministry, technology is changing all the time, so I aim to continue to learn and keep up with new products and developments in the industry. You can find me over on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-edwards-64b154214/

It is also my aim to sow some of the income I receive from this website back into a youth ministry that I support. I couldn’t have done this without the help of the guys over at IncomeSchool.com, where I have learned so much.

You can contact me at frank777edwards@gmail.com or tel. +441540214944

Address: 87 High Street, Kingussie, Invernesshire, UK

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    Enhance Your Mixes: Practical Tips for Using Aux Send and Return Channels

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    Can in ear headphones cause vertigo?

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