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Drum shields come in different designs. You need to check the materials used to manufacture them before you proceed to order. They play a great role in improving your overall sound production. Sometimes drums can produce more sound than you need, with the drum screens you can control the sound output hence providing good sound isolation for recording or reducing stage volume for live performance.

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What to look out for

There are some designs which are clear while others can shield the drums and
the player from the audience. The ones I’ve seen before were a dark gray coloured drum surround. You can also get height extenders for larger kits where the cymbals may be mounted quite high. The portability of the drum shields also differ. There are others that are manufactured to be highly portable. Check on the hinges to ensure they are easy to fold and carry.

If you have a small space, then you need to go for drum enclosures which are portable and compact so that you can fold them into the small space and continue playing your favorite music. How loud drums are can be an important factor in certain smaller venues and churches.

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1. Pennzoni Acrylic Panels DS4 L 5

The Pennzoni DS4 drum screen is a five-section drum isolation booth made out of acrylic panels. Flexible hinges allow you
to fold the plexiglass drum shield into small spaces. The sound absorbing capability of the
materials makes it highly effective in controlling sound as you play the drums. #ad

The height of 5 ft. ensures you achieve the desired coverage for your
drums and enjoy the recording sessions. Some of the features which make the
drums stand out include the following:

Crystal clear acrylic

The drummer isolation booth  is made out of clear acrylic. It is an ideal choice for those who would
love to play drums in live performance. The audience will see you as you play
the drum sets but the sound will be fully controlled so that you avoid noise
pollution with acrylic panels. The choice of materials ensures you enjoy the best sound production

4 Full-Length Living Hinges

The plastic hinges on the DS4 allow you to easily move and store the shields. #ad
Remember you need a unit which you can use in different places where you are
playing the gigs. The manufacturers of the drum set took into consideration
different factors to ensure the drum set achieves the highest level of
portability. The hinges attach easily to hold the panels as well as folding.

Easy assembly

It comes with an easy to install design. You read the instructions provided
and you can assemble it within minutes. You take the shortest time to assemble
the unit so that you can avoid delays in your drum set playing sessions. You
can use the unit to shield drum and bass sets as well as drum kits.

Highly durable

The plastics used to make the shields are very durable. Use of the latest technology ensures
you have a drum isolation booth which can serve you for long. Value for money is
guaranteed due to the wide experience the company has in making outstanding
drums. The easy to fold hinges reduce friction between the panels when the
units are in use hence prolonging their lifespan.

Overall this is a really good drum shield for a small kit. A number of buyers mention that it is a really good price for what you get. Most people found it easy to put it together, although there were a few who had a bit of difficulty with it, but overall thought it was a great purchase.

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2. Pennzoni Plexiglass DS6L Six 2ft X 6ft Panels

The Pennzoni DS6L is a six-section drum shield featuring strong panels in all the six sections. Crystal
clear drum enclosure design allows the audience to see your movements
as you hit the different drums. It is highly durable making it the right
choice if you are looking for a drum cage that can serve you for a long time.

The living hinges are designed to hold the panels tightly hence increasing the
efficiency of the audio production, reducing drum bleed, and improving sound reduction. It comes with features such as the

Acrylic drum panels

The panels are made out of clear acrylic. The material is highly durable which is an advantage when it needs to be moved around regularly. The clear plexiglass design allows viewers to your gig to enjoy
seeing you as you play and enables you to see the audience too. 

5 Full-Length Hinges

The DS6L hinges easily attach to hold the panel in position tightly. Your setup process will
be easy due to the special design of the hinges. Careful selection of materials and use of
the latest technology make the drum booth very durable. The hinges can allow
the panels to fold into a flat position so that you can easily transport it.
When it comes to strength, things have been made easy due to the folding of
the hinges. Also, the panel heights are set so that they can cover even the biggest of kits.

Compact design

Before you buy the drum set shields, it is necessary to take into consideration the space
where you will store them. Even if you stay in an apartment with a small space,
you should not be worried about buying the drum cage. The hinges allow
you to fold it into a flat position so that you can easily store it.

It can also fold into a small size so that you can fit it into your gig van and move
across the country while performing great music. The quality of sound from your
drums will improve drastically upon installing the shields.

Easy assembly instructions

You do not need any technical assistance when assembling the drum set shields. The
manufacturers provide detailed assembly instructions which you can follow to
have the drum panels set up in minutes. It comes with a plastic protective film
to preserve the look. Pennzoni Display DS6L is a highly versatile unit that
can be applied to protect drum and bass as well. You
can apply it to control any type of noise while playing your musical instruments.

This also is a great drum screen and gets good reviews from people who have bought it. Most found it was fairly easy to assemble, despite the hinges being a bit tight.

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3. Pennzoni Display Enclosure Screen – DS1 4

The Pennzoni DS1 drum shield is a great product, although it does not come with deflectors. The four sections offer the
best protection so that you can avoid noise pollution when playing the drums.
Tests have been carried out during the manufacturing process to ensure the
shield offers the best protection you need to achieve balanced volume levels. Some of the great features that make the drum set shield stand out
include the following:

2ft. x 4 ft Panels

If you need a shield of 2ft. x 4 ft dimensions, then the shield will be perfect for you to
buy. There are no deflectors but it performs very well in reducing drum stage volume. The quality of sound produced is great which makes
the enclosure among the best you can access in the market when trying to improve
your music playing sessions.

4 sections

The four-section drum booth allows you to achieve a perfect cover from four directions
as you apply your favorite music. It is easy to set up making your work easier
when trying to set up equipment ready for a performance. #ad

Clear acrylic construction

It is necessary to have a unit that can allow you to interact with the audience as you
play the drum sets. The acrylic used to make the drum cages offers
you the right opportunity to interact with the audience as you play the music.
The custom acrylic makes a perfect drum screen panel which enhances your sound
production as you hit the drums. Your confidence will increase because you will
note the quality of sound will be great.

6 Bright Chrome Hinges

The DS1 unit drum screen comes with six bright chrome hinges which make it stylish. They can easily
attach and hold the panels in place tightly for you to enjoy playing your music
sessions. The living hinges are provided at no additional cost. 

Highly durable

The materials used to make the booth are manufactured in the United States
while adhering to the highest standards. You are assured value for your money
due to the great strength of the panels. There will be no need for regular
updates of the shields. They last long so that you can always enjoy playing
beautiful music to your followers. The cost of music production can be reduced
greatly if you add the shields to your setup. You achieve a clear
sound from the drums which eliminate the need for lengthy correction before
you can produce the music.

Easy assembly

You do not need a lot of experience before you can start assembly. It
comes with simple instructions that you can follow for the first time and get
used to the setup. You can take a few minutes and you will have the unit in
position so that you can start trying it out.

Highly versatile

The design allows you to play different drum sets. For instance, you can use the drum
shield to protect the sound produced when playing a full drum kit, or other types such as a bongo drum or djembe. The careful design caters to the needs of different players. 

Overall this is a good shield for a small drum kit if you are on a really tight budget. In fact, I don’t think you will get one cheaper than this. A few buyers commented that it was ideal if you didn’t have a lot of room on stage. Others said it was easy to assemble.

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4. Pennzoni DS7D 7’x12′ Booth With Deflectors

The Pennzoni DS7 drum enclosure has a dimension of 7f t X 12ft with flexible hinges. The flexible hinge allows you to
easily move the drum shield to different locations where you would like to perform. With durable deflectors, you can always enjoy playing your
music. Crystal clear acrylic allows easy interaction with the audience as you
play the drums. Full-length plastic living hinges allow easily adjusting of
the panels so that they can fit in different spaces. You may also be able to use height extenders if necessary. #ad

Even if you are required
to perform on a small stage, you can adjust the panels till you fit the space
and start the performance. Quick assembly is guaranteed due to the near
completion design which requires few steps before it is ready for use.
Some of the features which make the shield stand out include the following:

Flexible Hinges

The hinges are highly flexible to allow easy assembly. If you would like to set up in a small space, the hinges allow you to adjust the panels till
they fit. The high flexibility also makes the drum cages very durable. You do
not have to worry about cases where the hinges will develop friction and fail.
They easily slide past each other making you achieve great convenience when
setting them up.


The use of deflectors on the DS7 makes it easy for sound engineers to avoid distortions when you play
music. Remember there are different instruments played in your audio
production, the drums may be too loud to an extent where they will overwhelm
the sound produced by other musical instruments. Drum deflectors reduce the
sound so that different musical instruments can be heard making your song stand
out. There are a total of six deflector panels making the unit very effective. 

Acrylic panels

The choice of see-through acrylic allows easy interaction with the audience. It is
necessary to have a setup where you can notice the reaction of your trainer or
the audience during a performance. The crystal clear design caters to the need
to interact with different stakeholders as you play the drums.

Highly portable

The plastic hinges allow for easy folding and attaching of the panels. You can fold
the panels tightly in place and store them in a small space. No need to worry
about the space available in your home or studio, the hinges can allow you to
fold the panels into a small size which you can easily handle even during

Easy assembly

There is clear instruction provided which makes it easy for you to assemble the shield
and start the performance. The enclosures can be applied to
different drum setups. High versatility makes you realize value for

This is a really great enclosure for a larger kit and if you have a bit more money to spend. Users comment on how effective it is at shielding the drum sound and that it is easy to fold away.

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Worship band using drum cage

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