6 Best Wireless Microphone Systems for Church

  • By: Frank Edwards
  • Date: August 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 12 min.

One thing that every church needs to get right is their microphone setup. Not only does it ensure everyone inside the church hears every word that is being said, it also helps the speakers communicate better and more comfortably. In the past decade, handheld wireless microphone systems have quickly taken over as the preferred option for most churches. This is mainly because they allow the speakers or performers to move around freely on stage unencumbered by any microphone or instrument cables. They are also faster to set up, more reliable, and you don’t have to stay close to monitor the speakers as is the case with traditional mics. In addition, get more space on the stage as there is no clutter of cables, floor monitors, and mic stands.

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What are the top affordable wireless mic systems?

Clearly, the benefits are endless when you decide to purchase a wireless microphone solution. But, with so many options in the market, it can be a daunting task choosing the best wireless microphone for church. The following is a review of six of the best wireless microphones available for purchase today:

1. Nady DW-22 Digital Combo System

If you are looking for a handheld wireless microphone for two speakers or performers, the Nady DW-22 Dual Wireless Combo System is one of the best and most affordable units available. It comes with 1 bodypack transmitter and 1 handheld microphone and is perfect for public address, stage performance, and presentations.

It comes with a high-quality microphone capsule for extreme clarity, channel up/down buttons, mute button, and LCD display for the channel, frequency, and battery level. This allows you to keep tabs on it to avoid any unexpected interruptions.

The bodypack transmitter gives you an option to use a lapel microphone or a headset microphone. These are preferred especially when the speaker is delivering a long speech and they don’t want to get tired holding a microphone the whole time. It also allows the speaker to move around which is great particularly for church performances and sermons. The bodypack also has a mute button, on/off button, metal belt clip, 2AA batteries, and an LCD display for battery level, channel, and frequency.

To ensure the audio quality is exceptionally clear, it uses a state-of-the-art professional 24-bit/ 48 kHz digital conversion with transparent frequency response across its audible range of 20Hz ~ 20 kHz. It also uses the 900MHz band which produces the truest possible sound that has undetectably low latency. With this mic, everyone within range will be able to clearly hear what is being said.

It comes with the DW-11/22 Receiver which is great for long-range operation. It uses digital transmission which ensures there is no interference from the surrounding analog noise or interference. It also has an extended operating range of 300 feet line-of-sight which is sufficient for most churches.

The Nady DW-22 has many great features, but the thing that most people love about the system is its reliable, simple, and easy-to-use package. It is easy to set up, operate, and requires minimal supervision once set up. After inserting the long-lasting AA batteries in your transmitters of choice, you just need to connect the AC adapter and the audio output to the receiver then turn them all on.

A lot of people who have used the Nady DW-22 Digital Wireless Combo are surprised by how well it works at such an affordable price.

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2. Phenyx Pro PTU-71 Dual Wireless Mic Review

The Phenyx Pro is a dual wireless dynamic microphone that is designed to offer you excellent sound quality at an unbelievably affordable price. The Phenyx Pro is a realizable wireless system that offers up to 80 channels and up to 260 ft. /80m operating distance, making it perfect for public address, sermons, church events, and more.

Phenyx Pro is a renowned company that is known for making easier and better solutions for sound performance and providing their customers with high-end value without paying too much. Their primary focus is on exploring better production techniques and using sturdy materials to make durable products; as displayed by the Phenyx Pro PTU-71. Both the receiver and microphone are made of sturdy metal construction to ensure they last longer and are not damaged easily in case of a fall.

When it comes to the performance of the receiver, expect nothing but the best. This Premium UHF wireless microphone system uses PLL frequently synthesized technology that provides highly stable, selectable frequencies from 653-663 MHz. This has 80 channels in total which are free from any interference, minimum dropouts, or popping noises. Tailored dynamic cartridge provides robust, clear, optimal true sound, making it perfect for churches.

With two XLR outputs and one ¼” mixed input, the Phenyx Pro PTU-71 offers you more flexibility and a chance to use it more professionally. The package comes with ¼” to 1/8” adapter for customers whose devices have 1/8” audio inputs.

For the dual transmitters, you have a choice between getting two handheld wireless microphones or getting one mic and a body pack. The metallic handheld mic is perfect for heavy use and is comfortable on the hand. Its cardioid dynamic cartridge ensures you get clear, robust sound and interference-free transmission with maximum feedback rejection. Setting up the microphone is quick and easy as it uses IR synchronization to pair up the microphone and receiver.

If you choose the option of a bodypack, you can use it with any compatible headset, lapel, or body pack combo. This provides more flexibility in movement and also prevents the speaker from getting tired, for instance during long sermons. The package comes with a 6.5mm – 3.5 mm audio cable adapter to provide more flexibility.

At its price, the Phenyx Pro PTU-71 is definitely one of the best wireless units available right now.

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3. PRORECK MX66 6-Channel UHF Budget System

In a church setting, chances are that you will require more than one mic during a normal service. While most of the other products on this list have one or two handheld mics, this one has up to six! This means that when you buy this product, you will not have to go shopping for more microphones. Although this is a great feature, it is not the only great feature of this wireless microphone unit.

All the mics actually provide clear and loud audio, which is perfect for a church setting. If your church already uses other microphone brands, you can be sure that using this brand at the same time will not lead to cut-ins or cut-outs from the other mics. This applies even when the other wireless microphones are on the same frequency.

Another great thing about the PRORECK MX66 is that it provides a distortion-free signal. All the mics can be operated within 200 ft. of the transceiver, and the signal will not be obstructed by pews, stands, platforms or any other physical barriers. It is equipped with enhanced antennas, which ensure a strong and stable signal. The AF/RF signal indicators will help the operator know when the transceiver has received an audio signal, thereby making operation easier.

It has two channels with set UHF frequencies, which makes it easy o setup and operate. Each channel has its own volume control thereby giving you more freedom and control over the sound quality. The frequencies and channels will be displayed on big LCD screens, for a better user experience. If you plan on using the handheld cordless mics in different settings (retreats, small meetings, services), it allows you to select between eight different modes. You are therefore able to choose the most suitable mode for the occasion.

Each microphone usually uses 2 AA batteries, and with the system’s energy-saving technology, you will get many hours of operation from each pair. Most of it’s components are made of metal, which makes them quite durable and hardy. This metal casing will also not fade or shed the color, thereby keeping the mic looking new for long. With any purchase, you will get a 1-year labor warranty, which is quite convenient when you need repairs and maintenance works.

Church sound techs will also enjoy the compatibility that it has with other devices. It can be connected to most brands of powered speakers, pa systems, amplifiers or mixers. It can also be connected to other devices such as laptops, iPhone, iPad and even TVs. This will come in handy for those church activities that require such devices.

On the downside, it does not come with a rack mount kit. You will also have to purchase all the necessary batteries separately as they are not included in the package. Many users say it is quite easy to use and that the sound quality is of a high standard.

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4. Sennheiser XSW 2-835 Cordless Microphone

This is one of the best cordless microphones for live sound. This particular model is fitted with Sennheiser’s innovative evolution microphone capsules that work great to ensure quality sound. To give more flexibility to the user, this product has up to 12 simultaneous UHF channels which are fully tunable. Other than flexibility, this broad spectrum of UHF frequencies also makes this microphone the perfect fit for large events.

As an added perk, the frequencies are designed to synch automatically, without needing someone to manually operate the transceiver. One of the people who has used this handheld wireless mic system found this to be one of the most convenient features of the product. The transition distance is up to 250ft, which is not easily disrupted by physical objects, again making it very convenient for use in big churches.

The Sennheiser XSW 2-835 is designed to offer quality sound for many years without fail. For one, the receiver is housed in a metal casing. This means that it will not get easily damaged if dropped or from any other type of physical trauma. Both the microphone and transmitter are sweat resistant, again making the whole product more durable. This microphone comes with a 2-year warranty, which is great for peace of mind of any owner.

Like other wireless mics, the Sennheiser XSW 2 uses 2 AA batteries. Each pair of batteries can give you approximately ten hours of operation time. While this is a fair amount of operation time, other microphones in this article can give you more operation time. The batteries will be included in the purchase package. The rack-mount kit is also included in the price for this cordless microphone. The whole package includes a single dynamic microphone, the transmitter, the batteries and the rack mount kit.

The transmitter is quite easy to operate, with an LCD display making things even easier. Even for the singer or presenter, this microphone is quite convenient to use. The mute button is only found on the microphone, giving the presenter complete control over the use. The important thing to note is that each microphone requires its own receiver, making it impossible to use one receiver with multiple mics.

This mic has received a lot of positive reviews from its users. Most are especially impressed by the clarity of the sound, reliability and value for money.

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5. AKG Pro Audio Handheld Mic

This is one of the products on this article that gives you two microphones at the price of one. This is because the whole package includes two handheld transmitters, one channel receiver, and two mics. Setting up the two mics is quite easy. To use the second mic is one is already working, just plug and play! The second mic can still use the frequency of the first one, which is very convenient instead of starting the sync up process all over again.

This fact notwithstanding, the AKG Pro Audio microphone will still give you crystal clear sound for any church event. The tone from these mics has been described as sweet and full, meaning everyone in the church will be able to hear you loud and clear. At 2.43 pounds, this is one of the lightest cordless mics in the market. This makes it very convenient for people of all ages including children.

Another thing that owners of this mic enjoy is the power efficiency. The transmitter only uses one 2AA battery that can give up to 30 hours of operation time. This is obviously good for reliability and cost-saving reasons. This operation time is also significantly more than what other microphones can offer. Two AA batteries will be included in the product during purchase. These microphones have a wide range, whereby you will not have problems with noise or static, which are common particularly in live settings.

On the aesthetics side, these mics come in different colors. There is the classic black, although you can choose from a variety of other colors to suit your personal preferences or church colors. The warranty for this product is optional, and you can always request for it during purchase. Many users have also lauded the AKG Pro Audio for its durability and reliability. The bottom line is that this is one of the most affordable products on this list, while still assuring you of great sound, power efficiency, and durability.

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6. Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI

If you only need to use one transmitter, the Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI is a great wireless microphone especially if you are operating on a budget. The Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI is part of the 200 Series which features a 10-channel UHF wireless mic that is perfect for most churches. It offers all the advantages you get from high quality, professional, and expensive wireless mic at a fraction of the price.

The Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI offers up to 10 selectable channels coupled with True Diversity UHF wireless technology that features automatic frequency scanning. Selecting a frequency is as easy as just pressing a button after which it automatically sets the best available frequency. This also ensures there are fewer dropouts for a smooth performance throughout the sermon. Any of the 10 channels available can be used together without encountering any frequency coordination issues or group capsule selection problems.

When buying the Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI, you get a choice between choosing a handheld microphone or body pack as your transmitter. The Handheld mic comes with one handheld Microphone that has a high-quality PRO 41 Capsule for consistent sound and maximum feedback rejection. This ensures there is extreme clarity in picking up even the softest of voices. According to a user from Colorado who recently purchased the Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI, it is sensitive enough to capture their very soft spoken pastor without having to increase the gain. The microphone also has an on, off and mute switch making it easy to control.

If a handheld microphone is not your preference, you also have a choice of getting a body pack transmitter which can be used with a lavalier microphone or a headset. This is particularly great if the user of the microphone will be moving around or if they don’t want to get tired holding the handheld microphone. The Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI features an ATW-CHG2 charging station for your transmitter.

The Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI has a rugged metal receiver that features soft-touch controls and an easy-to-read LCD display to help you monitor everything effortlessly. It has unbalanced ¼” and balanced XLR output jacks that enable the user to use a wide variety of audio gear.

To enhance clarity, the Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI uses Tone Lock tone squelch system that fights any interference from surrounding signals. True Diversity operation also reduces dropouts by selecting the best signal available. The ground-lift switch also helps eliminate any audible hum that is caused by ground loops that may occur between the receiver and the mixer. The package also comes with a rack-mount kit so you don’t have to spend extra buying one.

As most customers would agree, the Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI definitely provides value for money.  According to many other people who have used it, the Audio-Technica ATW-2120AI is overall, the best wireless handheld microphone at the price point.

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While all the above wireless mics are great options for any church on a budget, the choice comes down to the unique requirements of your church in terms of its size, the number of handheld mics needed, and the type of microphones you need.